How to Give an Elevator Speech

Serendipity: The faculty of happening upon fortunate discoveries when not in search of them. I love the moments that take me completely by surprise. When I expect one thing and find another. The other day I received a call from a woman named Cathy… “Hi Ellen, I read your article in the local business journal and I would like to invite you to our association meeting.” “Well, how thoughtful of you,” I replied. “What is the name of your group?” Proudly, Cathy answered, “The Home Based Businesses of the Ozarks.” Immediately, I pictured a room full of good ol’ boys in overalls. “Hi I’m Billy, owner of Hillbilly Billy’s Moonshine. Try a snort of this!” […]

“I’m just getting started. How do I market with NO money?”

Recently I received an email from “Nelly” about his soon-to-be-open business. He had already put together his Bare Bones Biz Plan but wondered about his next step… “How do I get customers?” Dear Ellen, I’ve got my business plan (Thanks for the help!) I’m getting ready to open for business on August 1st. How do I find my first customers? I’m an energy expert and I can help homeowners save lots of money as well as the planet. I’m excited about what I can do – energy auditing, equipment upgrades – now how do I get customers excited about it, too? Nervous, Nelly Here’s my response… […]

Overcoming Sales Phobia

This exercise will make you aware of sabotaging, “sales-phobic” thoughts and actions in your company and help you increase your sales appreciation. Recall purchases that made you happy. Realize the connection between sales and world peace. Good sales are good trading practices. Good sales allow you to focus your energies on your skills and talents, [...]