Financials UN-Complicated – The Financial Quick Check!

  Financial Statements – The UN-Complicated Version! When I first learned how to read and use financial reports, I would assemble the information to show my partner and husband, Hot Rod, how we were doing. I’d cover his desk with pages and pages of financial reports. His eyes would glaze over. One day he [...]

3 “Aha” Takeaways From My Business Planning Retreat

Wow.  It is the 10th annual A.G.E. Business Planning Retreat.  Al Levi, Gail Gudell and I have met every year since 2004 to review our respective business plans.  It’s our time to reflect and recommit to our highest intentions. This year we met at Al’s place in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We mixed in a yoga class and some world class dining…as we discussed what we really, really, really want, and what we are willing to do […]

[Webinar] Last Minute Tax Advice for Your Small Business


Business Planning at Davis Correctional…

I love our students at Davis Correctional! No one complains or gripes in this class. (That’s not something I can say about many of my students!) These fellows want a better life…starting now. Their energy is inspiring. Their questions and discussions are focused on solutions. Even though they are in prison, they are free to dream and take action in the direction of their dreams. No matter what you think about whether or not they should be locked up, the reality is that they – most of them – will be released. So, recognizing these kindred entrepreneurial spirits, we are committed to help them become successful business owners. We just kicked off our latest Biz Plan Challenge, using The Weekend Biz Plan for our basic curriculum. On June 14th, we head back for the Biz Plan Presentations Competition. Wooohoooo! Check out this article from a local newspaper… […]

Are You an Accounting Rookie?

My rookie year… Once upon a time, I quit my real job (restaurant manager – good salary, benefits and someone to cover for me when I wasn’t around) and went to work for my husband, Hot Rod, in his contracting company. It was the dumbest decision I have ever made. It was hell. I left my steady paycheck behind and assumed financial responsibility for a sinking-fast company. I was college educated. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration. The BS really stood for my approach to business. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was the rookie bean counter. And, I didn’t know my asset from my elbow. I did NOT want to crunch numbers, look at spreadsheets or confront our financial situation. I wanted so badly for a magical bean counter fairy to wave a wand and make millions of dollars appear in our checking account. “Shouldn’t our accountant handle this?” I fumed. “I don’t have time to figure this out,” I whined. I just didn’t want to deal with the money. That approach might have worked if we had lots of money. However, we were running out and digging a deep hole of dept. […]