How to Create Testimonial Based Direct Marketing, Friendly E-Marketing and Powerful Acquisition Marketing!

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Have you picked up your phone just to make sure it is still connected? If you’re wondering, “How do I get the phone ringing now?”…we’ll show you how. And, with the highest return on your marketing dollar that you have ever experienced.

You could grow inch by inch. Add one more service truck. Add another 5% in Sales. The problem is that before the year is up, you may lose a service technician or a key employee. Then, you are back where you started. Maybe that’s what just happened last year? If you need more calls to just keep the door open, do yourself a favor and read on!

And, if you listen to the news, all you’ll hear is doom and gloom about the weeks and months ahead. What if you chose to GROW dramatically? How does doubling or tripling your business sound? We’ve already shown some savvy business owners how to make this happen. You might as well join them. Join us as we share what we know getting more calls, more leads, more SALES right now.


The Get More Calls NOW Business Teleseminar Series. You get all the forms, procedures you need and in this powerful self study program.

Here’s what we’ll share with you in the The Get More Calls NOW Teleseminar Series

  • Our 3 Top Marketing Drivers! If you engaged just these 3 marketing “vehicles” it could be all the marketing you ever need to grow calls…and grow your company…as much, as big, as you like. And, just ONE of them could double your Sales.
    1. Laser-focused, testimonial based Direct Marketing. With as few as 100 postcards you could generate tens of thousands of dollars of rockin’ good sales. IF you know who to send to and what to say. (We do…and we are sharing.)
    2. Friendly E-Marketing. Be the first on your block to really “get it.” Get the word “Spam” out of your head. Your customers are well served to stay in touch with you electronically. We’ll share how to get a virtual (and virtually FREE to implement) E-Marketing strategy up and working for you.
    3. Simple, win-win-win Acquisition Marketing.The big companies got big doing this. And you can, too. This is a deceptively easy and affordable Marketing strategy and Al and I know everything you need to know to get deals done.
  • BONUS! Two 30 minute, private one-to-one phone calls to help you engage this powerful information.


  • You can put this information to work for you right away…and forever. You may easily double your calls if you engage just ONE of the 3 Marketing Drivers! You can use this information right now…and it NEVER goes out of date. (Like Yellow Pages…a marketing dinosaur!)

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OK, So What exactly do I you get with the Get More Calls NOW Program?

1. A Special Password Protected Page

Special Password Page

We have posted the special forms and recordings of the six video Webinars on the Get More Calls NOW “special password page” exclusively for Get More Calls participants. You can listen again anytime, to review our sessions and keep on track. You’ll have all the customizable forms and checklists ready to download. And,  you can share this information with your team. Nice!

2. One on One time with us! – Two 30 minute private coaching calls!

We’ll get you started with a 30 minute Orientation Call.  Ellen will call you to help you maximize your investment.  You’ll go through the Password Protected page together.  The intention:  Reduce the overwhelm and get you go go going to Get More Calls NOW.

Then, once you’ve had a chance to view a couple of the Webinars and start putting the systems in place, you can schedule your 30 minute Results Call.  The intention:  Help you get results from this powerful program.  The only way it won’t work is if you don’t get started.  We’ll help you get the system IN and working for you.

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Al and I may be your new best friends…

El and AlAl and I get this question from our readers and clients more than any other question: “How do I get the phone to ring NOW? Especially now, when I don’t have a lot of money to invest in marketing?”  We have experience with hundreds of business owners… helping them to get the phone ringing. We have made mistakes. And we have knocked a few marketing concepts out of the park. In Get More Calls we share our 3 Top Marketing Drivers. They are simple and they ALWAYS work.  We have been guilty of sharing this information in an informal way. It is EASY to put these simple strategies into place. It’s even easier NOT to energize them.

So, we made a decision to only share this powerful information with those who commit to using it. If you are willing to do what we suggest. It’s no fun to share great advice and have it fall “like seeds on stoney ground.” If you are ready…we’re here to help.

We have honed our advice to the few tools we KNOW work…at a fantastic return on investment. That’s how we came to the 3 Marketing Drivers:

  • Testimonial based, laser Direct Marketing.
  • Simple, free-to-get-started E-Marketing.
  • Easy, win-win-win business buying.

Al and I share this philosophy: A good sale or purchase FEELS good all around. Our method of marketing is based on a win-win-win strategy. If it isn’t a good deal for everyone…it isn’t a good deal.  So there is nothing that will insult your soul in our approach to marketing.  You and your team will improve your relationships – with each other, with your customers – by adopting our systems.

We’ve designed a sure-fire program.  It always works.  All you have to do is…DO IT.

Elinor“Thank you for all the helpful tips on e-marketing. This is already a key part of my business! The Get More Calls NOW program gave me a nudge to make it better and see what I am missing!  Thanks again for all the tips and helpful support you both bring to the table!!”

Elinor Wright
A Wright Plumbing

The Get More Calls NOW Business Webinar Series requires that YOU…

  • Think new thoughts.  Abandon that idea that marketing is hard or that, “Everyone is struggling right now.”  How about YOU?  Could you find just the right customers at the right time with the right offer?  Yep.  You could.
  • Use the program just as we have designed it.  Watch the Webinars.  Commit to the required action.  This is a do it yourself marketing approach and the price reflects that.  We are counting on you to hold yourself accountable and just do as directed.  We have made this super easy…as long as you take action, you will get results.
  • Quit hanging around and talking to “naysayers.” Jim Rohn says your character is the average of the last 5 people you spent time with. Is it time to upgrade the folks you talk with and listen to? Is it time to turn OFF the news and skip reading the daily newspaper? To make a big leap in your business means BE-ing and acting in new and improved ways. We challenge you! Are you ready?

Are You A Good Fit For The Get More Calls NOW Business Webinar Series?

Do you…

  • NEED TO GET YOUR PHONE RINGING AGAIN? So that you can at lease keep the doors open!
  • Want to really grow your company and skip the inch by inch slow-growth process?
  • Want to do more than just survive and create real opportunities for yourself and your team?
  • Want step by step help for growing BIG…FAST? If you want to, you can emerge from this recession with an Empire!

Are you…

  • WILLING to open up to a new way of thinking and follow our lead?

As Al says, “The only time this program doesn’t work is if you don’t do what we ask you to do.”

If you follow through, this program ALWAYS works.  And, YOU claim the rewards: the potential to double, triple your company with strategic marketing.

Since We put on our first successful Get More Calls NOW series, we’ve had a ton of questions from people who want to join in…

  • I don’t have extra cash flow. How could I afford to join this program? Over the week or two, you are going to spend money in your business. Consider the impact of the dollars you are spending…for marketing and consulting. Think on the effect of those efforts. Can you do better? If you spend $1 on the marketing you have in place…what is your desired return on that $1? Three to one? Ten to one? Your investment in our program could be 100 times or more return, if you are willing to put these ideas into action. The 3 Marketing Drivers can be engaged for little or no additional cash out…starting with virtually free E-Marketing.
  • Why are you so fired up about this strategy?We are all about helping you succeed. Anyway, we love it when you are successful. And your winning business contributes to peace, prosperity and freedom across the planet. This aren’t just helpful tips. This is a way to double or triple your company…fast. We get a huge kick out of major wins because too many settle for too little. Also, the time is right now to use these Drivers. They work especially well in a tight economy.
  • I’m barely surviving right now, how can this program help me?This program does not cost you anything when you consider the return on investment. You can get your phone ringing for less cost-per-call than any other marketing strategy. Be honest with yourself. You’ve made some pretty poor decisions with your marketing haven’t you? Plus, we guarantee your results.
  • I just don’t believe it can be that easy. What am I missing?Well, what you believe becomes reality. If you are willing to suspend your disbelief and just try these strategies, you may have some amazing success with them. So, what is it that you are doing that has half the promise of what we are suggesting? Why not CHANGE the way you think and operate and open yourself up to a big win?
  • Are the Webinars “live?”  This program is already recorded…and the Webinars and forms are ready to go and USE now.  This is captured from a “live” program we did a few months ago.  We wanted to make this powerful information available to folks who missed that program, or who are self-motivated enough to work through the program on their own.  Also, we are making the same information available at a huge discount because of the do it yourself approach.  Because we recorded live, interactive Webinars, you will benefit from the participation of the previous attendees.   They asked questions you might be asking…and it’s a nice “plus.”
  • How much?$995.  For all the Webinars, the forms, the checklist, the samples…everything. AND…one on one time with us! – Two 30 minute private coaching calls!

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If you even suspect you’re ready, just do it now…remember our NO WORRIES Guarantee.

Be there! Be willing to skip the inch by inch growth and make this year your BEST year yet!

“It is courage the world needs, not infallibility…courage is always the surest wisdom.”

~Wilfred T. Grenfell



PPS: Here’s what Jack had to say about the program. Yep, you just need to DO it to Get More Calls NOW. 

Our company liked the organized simple approach of the Get More Calls Now program. We got written directions and personal coaching on how to make the program work.  It comes down to prioritizing what most important. We still get side tracked but we know right where to go when we get back on track with Ellen and Al’s downloads.”

Jack Simonson and Maureen Lattimore

The Scottish Plumber