“Business is easier than we make it.”

Ellen Rohr makes Business UN-Complicated. Simplify your business, and your life!  

Looking for a snappy, energetic, no-nonsense speaker to liven up your event? Ellen shares the foundational basics that change everything, “One cent can make all the difference!”

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About Ellen

“Honorable, profitable business expands peace, prosperity and freedom. Your business is no small thing. And, business is easy, much easier than we make it. I UN-Complicate business, and focus on the few things (maybe just one thing!) that makes all the difference to your success.” ~Ellen

About Ellen

We are definitely looking forward to working with Ellen again! ~Dakota Supply Group

You had them riveted to you every minute of the day. ~Ferguson Enterprises

Book her.  She’ll deliver every time. ~Better Kansas City

Ellen’s irreverent business is spot on. ~The Big Biz Show

Ellen’s passion, energy and enthusiasm is contagious. ~Ozarks Public Television

Ellen was so good we are already planning an expanded program next year. ~NOWRA

Ellen is a fantastic speaker.  She is personable and effective. ~Pumper Cleaner Profit Series