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“Business Planning doesn’t work.”

“Business plans stink.”  “Never get used.”  “Waste of time.”
I hear it all the time…and it’s true!

The UN-Business Plan approach is different!  It helps you build a solid business foundation, and offers practical tools to create more profits, more time, more energy…more freedom.  Nice!

Here’s what you’ll get with The UN-Business Plan…


“At Your Pace” Business-Building Sessions – Video classes, forms, and live interactive support – designed to build your business…your way!

  • I’ll share the most impactful strategies and tactics I’ve learned from working with business owners over the last 20+ years. Good news: The most successful people don’t work very hard.  At least, not as hard as you may be!  You can work less, achieve more…and make lots of money.

  • Each Session focuses on one area of your life and business. We start big picture, then move through to what needs to be done TODAY to make the most difference to your success. Most business plans leave off before you engage the day-to-day disciplines to “make it so.” The UN-Business Plan includes the simple regimen that reaps better results.
  • So often I get asked, “Ellen, what’s your best business advice?”  My answer has been, “It depends on why you are in business. What you want.  How much money you have and would like to have.  It all depends on YOU.”  This motivated me to put this program together.  This program is the best I’ve got to share!  And the focus of The UN-Business Plan is YOU.
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Real-Time, LIVE support as you build your UN-Business Plan.  You get me!  And other UN-Business Planners, as we start, fix and grow great businesses.

  • Homework check! Need some accountability? You got it! I’ll review your assignments, planning exercises and inspired videos! I’ll applaud wildly…and “plus” what you’ve done. BONUS! I’ve built in some fun and valuable rewards along the way.
  • Office Hours! We’ll connect via Gotomeeting. At Office Hours, we’ll chat it up – how to build your best business and move rocks out of the road.
  • Facebook group! Support is only a click away. I’ll watch for whining (you know, it’s not allowed!) and, together, we can transform challenges into opportunities.
Ellen looking at you

UN-cover How (and Why!) You Can Get Stuck.  And discover the basic, foundational pieces (and easy-to-do personal disciplines) that will get you UN-stuck!

  • Traditional Business Planning tools can be very useful. It’s YOUR approach to business and planning that may need a tweak. Have a Business Plan already? If you can find it, bring it to the program. We’ll dust it off and bring it to life!
  • You may benefit from hiring a consultant or joining a success group. However, even with high-dollar help, most owners don’t break through and make significant changes. This course includes the self-development habits that can lead to positive, powerful progress. It’s not a matter of doing more (and getting more overwhelmed!)