The Next Step

There is not an A to B to C process for your business or your life. Here are the essential elements: Get clear on what you want and why. Then, make a choice and go. So, what’s your next step?  I’ve listed a few for you to choose from!  

My hope is that you take a bite, any bite. Live a life UN-common and achieve UN-usual success!


Here are a few practical next steps (bites!)…

  1. No whining. No complaining. Speak only of what you want.  Try this for 21 days. 21 days is enough time to establish new habits and see some results. While everything I share is easy, it can require discipline. Easy is something you can actually do. Discipline helps dissolve old patterns and establish new ones.
  2. Take a hike.  So often all we need is a mini-break and a little fresh air to make better, faster, more profitable decisions.  And, to keep ourselves from over-reacting or saying something unkind.  When you feel your blood-pressure rising, just excuse yourself and talk a walk around the block.
  3. Reach out!  Find a mentor. Find another mentor, if you have one or two already. You can help him or her…and he or she will help you. Here’s a conversation with my friend Alex on how to do it!

So happy you are here!


PS…Consider me as one of your mentors! I am happy to help. Reach out and comment, facebook, tweet! We can arrange a phone call or google hangout. In this community, you and I are going to work things out…together.  All my contact info is below, left.  🙂