WedJul. 27th

How to KNOW if You Have a Great Bookkeeper or Accountant!

Sometimes, you need a little help.  Suppose your accounting is a mess.  Maybe you are behind on your taxes, or  just always crunched for cash.  If you could fix it all by yourself, wouldn't you have done that by now?  You may need more information.  You [...]

TueJul. 12th

Be Transparent!

When you make a mistake, admit it. As Juanell Teague says, "Tell the truth quicker, faster." I'm presently hosting the Phenomenal Financial Blast webinar series. Awesome results. AND lots of fun. One of our goals is to get to a Known Financial Position. Get the [...]

TueJul. 5th

Why Women Make Less Money Than Men

The oft reported statistic is that women, on average, make about 79% of what men make for doing equivalent work.  (For more details, AAUW is a great resource.) Is that fair? Nope. We can improve this situation, if we are willing to do what [...]

TueJun. 21st

Where’s the Money?

Hotrod and I spent the weekend at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) Energy Fair.  Hotrod represented Caleffi and put on a couple of workshops on Solar heating and troubleshooting.  It was fun to watch him present!  He is so smart...and knows so much about [...]

ThuJun. 9th

Financial Struggles? Surrender!

For years, I fought it.  I didn't want to confront my financial reports or learn basic accounting. "Can't someone else do this for me?" "What are we paying our accountant for?" "I'm not great at numbers or math!" So, the financials were a mess and [...]