Testimonials and Praise from Ellen’s Clients


I have followed Ellen Rohr’s career and have read her columns in different industry publications for over twenty years. Ellen is a champion of the trades and carries the torch well, thank you Ellen!

In 2011 and again in 2012 I had the opportunity to work with Ellen face to face. If you are considering any of Ellen's products or services don't hesitate. When I apply, listen and follow her advice I’ve found that money tends to flow into my pockets. The wisdom, love, and ongoing support she has provided has been priceless. She delivers! I doubled my sales in one year, got better organized, I'm a better boss, and my whole team is loving the work we do. This fan mail comes to you unsolicited four years after our first work together. Thanks for what you do!

Mike Hemenway
A-1 Sewer and Drain, Inc.


Thanks Ellen for all the hard work you put into helping us achieve "Financial Shape." Having solid numbers and trends have helped us to grow our company and develop financial goals. We appreciate the tenacity you have demonstrated in getting us to face and focus on the numbers.

Thank you, Ellen, from one Plumber’s Wife to another!!

Mary Gibb
Gary's Plumbing & Heating