Pin It to Win It

Have you been to Pinterest? If so, odds are you spent a lot of time there, compulsively looking at just-one-more page of beautiful images. If not, ask a few people in your life about Pinterest. You’ll get some animated responses, particularly from women, as they talk about their boards and pins and exactly how they [...]

Winning ‘More Than Your Fair Share’ of Publicity and Media Exposure

Each of us, according to the experts, has a measurable intelligence quotient, or IQ.  Our IQs set a benchmark of what we should be able to achieve intellectually in life.  Many of us overachieve, while others under-perform. Like intelligence, each business and professional practice has an inherent publicity quotient, or PQ.  It is a benchmark of the level of publicity your business sho e able to attract from the news media, bloggers and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. uld bSome people would describe PQ as a company’s innate newsworthiness. Let me illustrate how this applies. […]

Old Fashioned New Media

Once upon a time, the best marketing you could get was one customer chatting with a friend or a colleague over a cup of coffee. It’s called “word of mouth” marketing. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the origin of the term… George Silverman, a mathematician and statistician, pioneered word-of-mouth marketing when he created [...]