Financial Basics 102

Ready to Make More Money?

This program includes a step-by-step game plan for becoming more PROFITABLE!

Ellen Rohr's Financial Basics

You’ll learn what it takes to get to a KFP – Known Financial Position (no more sleepless nights wondering where the money went!) and GROW your business from a firm financial foundation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your TEAM in on the game? This program includes the directions and all the forms and files for The Reward the Right Stuff program – a winning approach to compensation and bonuses. This will help you keep SCORE and reward team members for smart decisions and productive actions!

This is an amazing price considering the blood, sweat and experience that went into it!

You want to pay your team well…and reward those who go above and beyond. And, you want to do that without sacrificing your profits and your cash. THIS program helps you do just that.

Price: $125


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What’s Included?

The files and systems you need to EXPAND the Making Money and Getting it Sold sections of YOUR Biz Plan!

Downloadable, customizable Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files and PowerPoint files

The Financial Basics 102 Includes:


    Each step of the way, the document will refer to the appropriate Word doc, Excel file or Power Point file for you to use at YOUR company. You can customize this program to work for YOU.

  • The Bare Bones Biz Budget and Baby Budget programs

  • A contractor-specific Chart of Accounts

  • A straight-talk Glossary of Weird Accounting and Finance words.

  • A cheat-sheet for Debit and Credit Rules.

  • The Bare Bones DEBT FREE system

  • Weekly, Monthly, Year End Checklists to keep you at a known financial position and protect you from the funny business.

  • The Financial Quick Check and weekly financial meeting agenda.

  • A simple Time Card

  • Daily, Weekly Scorecards for Service Techs, Installers and Salespeople.

  • A winning compensation and bonus program so you can REWARD THE RIGHT STUFF.

  • The Action Grid for helping your team MOVE UP the ladder

  • What goes in the price?

  • Selling price “buy in” forms

  • Customizable Payroll procedures and MORE!!

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