Financial Basics and Budgeting Online Workshop

 You’ll Get…

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Pricing Worksheet
  • The Baby Budget
  • The B Word – Article
  • Quick Check Sample
  • Budget Product
  • Financial Basics and Budgeting PPT

Edition: Webinar Recording Access and File Downloads

Price: $19.95

Are you ready to get financially set and budget for your small business?

We’ll give you the tools to create a budget for your business and get financially set.

Making money can be easy. Setting your budget is simple. Demystify financial reports, set financial goals, create a rockin’ selling price.

  • We’ll review the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss, and how to make more money!
  • Profitability vs. Cashflow…Let’s clear it up.
  • Simple Selling Price Strategy.
  • Set Goals for 2014…and Keep Score to Make More!
  • Let’s do it together!  Interactive LIVE Webinar.
  • Includes Budgeting form wit