How to Create an Organizational Chart

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  • Organizational Chart Samples for Large and Small Companies
  • Sample Position Description
  • Sample Salary Levels

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An Organizational Chart is like the roster for a college basketball team. The point guard is responsible for taking the ball down the court and setting up the offensive play. The center is responsible for controlling the area under the basket and scoring points from that area. The rookie on the bench is responsible for being ready, should the starting player get hurt or become unable to play. The coach’s job is to bring out each individual’s best performance to add to the overall success of the team. The goal for each college team is to win the national championship.

In business, like basketball, someone has to be in charge. That’s you. Your job is to develop and lead the team to realize the company’s goals. An Organization Chart is a graphic representation of the main areas of your company, arranged according to reporting relationships. In other words, the Org Chart lists who is responsible for what and who reports to whom.  Nice.

So.  Do you have one?  No?  Well, let’s work together to create your own powerful, expanding Organizational Chart.  Clear up murky expectations and create a ladder of opportunity.

Perhaps you work all by yourself?  An Org Chart can be a path to freedom!  If you are interested in getting some help, and growing your business, an Org Chart is a powerful tool for helping you decide what responsibilities to hand off.  Neat!

  • A simple “Sticky Note” method for identifying, and organizing,  the tasks required to operate your business successfully.
  • How to organize tasks into Positions, and arrange the reporting relationships.
  • How to map out the “Flow of Communication” chart to clarify who delivers information to whom and about what.  This chart enhances your Org Chart by streamlining communications and helps reduce “Office Drama.”
  • How to avoid the 5 Major Mistakes that can cause your Org Chart to blow up…and ravage your company culture.
  • Managers of No One.
  • Tales of Two Bosses.
  • Outdated and Misspelled.
  • The Hidden Positions.
  • You…Hogging all the Good Jobs.
  • How to create simple, powerful half-page Position Descriptions, and to morph your Positions Descriptions into your Operations Manuals.   Who does what…and how to do it!
  • A cool way to organize “folders and files” based on the Org Chart.
  • The right way to post, and update, the Organizational Chart, so that the roster is understood and the team is in play!
  • To create Salary Levels, a clear career path for moving your way UP the Org Chart.

Bonus!  I’ll also Role Play how to present the Organizational Chart to your team members…current and up-coming.  And share suggestions for handling promotions – and disappointments – as the ladder of opportunity expands.  We’ll work in real time, together, to get your Org Chart up and running in this workshop

“We must drop the idea that change comes slowly. It does ordinarily – in part because we think it does. Today changes must come fast and we must adjust our mental habits so that we can accept comfortably the idea of stopping one thing and beginning another overnight. We must discard the idea that past routine, past ways of doing things, are probably the best ways. On the contrary, we must assume that there is a better way to do almost everything.” Donald M. Nelson

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Edition: Webinar Recording Access and File Downloads

Price: $19.95