How to Fix the Family Business

 You’ll Get…

  • Perfect Life Exercise
  • Mission Statement Exercise
  • Elevator Speech Exercise
  • Goals Sheet
  • Sample Family Organizational Chart
  • Budgeting Tool
  • Marketing Summary
  • Top Projects Tool
  • Executive Summary Demonstration

Edition: Webinar Recording Access and File Downloads

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Why do family members resist your attempts to organize and grow? Why does a business meeting devolve into drama and heartache?

Business is tough enough as it is. Then, layer on the kooky family relationships. Dad says he wants to turn the business over to you, but generational issues cause upset. Brothers haggle over who is really in charge.  Your fed-up wife storms out, tired of working for no pay and less respect.   And, Mom, takes a paycheck though resists any attempts to update the accounting program.

Sigh. A business plan can help you all get on the same page.  Systems and procedures can increase productivity.  Position descriptions can clarify who-does-what.

The worst businesses are family businesses.  And the BEST businesses are family businesses.  Don’t despair.  Let’s fix it!

  • When you say, we don’t have enough money, he hears _____ ___ ____ _______.
  • Flags!  How to celebrate and capitalize on what’s different about each of you.
  • What about the Money Money Money?  Making enough for geometric growth.
  • The Org Chart .  There is room for more than one “cheese” IF…
  • The Meat Eater!  Can you pay her to stay home?
  • “Make me!”  Putting teeth in the ultimatum.
  • The Law of the Farm.  ESSENTIAL for the next generation.
  • Who goes…you or him?  And, will you still get asked to Sunday dinner?

I’ll be sharing a sound, tactical way for family business members to pull in the same direction, without “giving up or giving in.”  BONUS:  Real life case studies of family members who have overcome sticky challenges and thrived.  Inspiring!

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Edition: Webinar Recording Access and File Downloads

Price: $19.95