Recruit, Hire and Keep Great Employees

 You’ll Get…

  • How To Recruit and Hire a Rockin’ Team in One Day
  • Flag Pages:
  • How Much Do You Want To Make?” Salary Form
  • Sample Recruiting Ad – Dispatcher
  • Sample Recruiting Checklist
  • Orientation – Welcome Aboard Checklist

Edition: Webinar Recording Access and File Downloads

Price: $19.95

“I can’t find good people to work for me.”

That’s a common challenge! Ready for some tough love? Perhaps you are looking right past dozens, hundreds, of great people in an attempt to find Superman or Wonder Woman. What if you attracted a few willing and capable folks and vowed to help them be successful? In this action-packed workshop, I’ll expose common practices that actually reward poor performance and cause the best people to LEAVE. Yikes! Even better, I’ll share the best of what I have lived and learned for finding and developing “right stuff” team members.

Join me for a hands-on Online Workshop on how to hire, recruit and keep great employees.

  • What people really, really, really want isn’t a job. It’s a _____ ____.
  • How to craft a crazy-compelling ad and it is probably completely opposite of what you are doing now.
  • Who knows? Cultivating a team of recruiters.
  • Lean and Mean Screen. If you require clean, sober and on-time are you asking too much?
  • Fly Your Flag. What Personality Testing can and won’t do for you.
  • Host a Career Day at your Shop…and hire a crew in one day.
  • The Store Tour. What you don’t say makes the biggest impact.
  • Establish high expectations and make good on the promise.
  • You think you’re tough? Wait until your current team members start interviewing.
  • “Welcome Aboard” Orientation. How to NOT screw them up when they are at maximum willingness!
  • Engage the ambitious ones. Not everyone is motivated by money, but if they are, help them find the goldmine.
  • Start with Why. What would make them take a bullet for you?
  • BONUS! As a former “fence tester” I know all about troublemaking employees. They can become your shining stars when you identify what makes them great, see them for who they are…and challenge them with a worthwhile game. I’ll share when to make the effort and when to show them the door! (Not everyone will be a good fit for your company. Doesn’t make you – or them! – bad people when it doesn’t work out.)

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Edition: Webinar Recording Access and File Downloads

Price: $19.95