The Complete Suite: My TOTAL Toolbox!

Use this do-it-yourself program to start, fix and grow your business!

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars learning business basics.  (That’s in addition to the pricey college degree in business administration.) I’ve spent the last twenty years building businesses…my own and others…and made a boatload of mistakes. I learned from those experiences.  I also learned from some of the brightest business minds on the planet. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners start, fix and grow WINNING businesses.   I’ve grown a franchise organization from start up to $40 million in Sales in under 2 years. I’m growing another – ZOOM DRAIN – and we have a $100 million business plan.  I have absolute confidence that I can make money doing whatever I want to do. And, I LOVE helping people achieve that freedom.  Bottom line:  UN-Complicate your business, and UN-Leash your life.  

Along the way, I have created and collected a terrific toolbox of checklists, forms and procedures.  I’ve written a few books on bare bones business basics.  I’ve put the whole enchilada up on a nicely organized webpage and are making it available to you as The Complete Suite.  I’m also making this toolbox available to you at a no-brainer price to help you create an extraordinary business.  Twenty years ago, when I was struggling through my mess of a business, I would have given my right arm for these customizable tools, and the sound advice I’ve packed into The Complete Suite.

NOTE: This is about building your OWN business. This is about taking that great idea in your head and building a foundation on which it can grow as big and as profitable as you want it to be. This is about expressing your unique gifts and talents in such a way that folks will pay to experience them. This is about knowing what you want, where you are…and where you want to go.This is about being and doing and having all that you intend. That’s how cool your own business can be. Hard work…works. For a while. Then, you get older and wonder, “Where’s the reward?” I have learned some hard lessons. Now, I am too old and just not interested in the struggle.  The good news? Business is easy. An extraordinary business is a path to a better life and free trade…and more peace and freedom…across the planet.

Here to help!! <3

I love what I do. I believe everyone is better off knowing business basics. Free trade across the planet…people exchanging their unique gifts and services with each other. It is a sound path to peace and freedom across the planet.I believe that if you have the desire to have a successful business, you have what it takes to be successful in business. You may need some help. The Complete Suite is a do-it-yourself kit for building your own empire. The world is well served by your success!

Edition: Downloadable eBooks, Forms and Checklists

Price: $99


Complete Suite Business basics“As I have read countless books in quest of more knowledge, your books win the prize. You are able to break things down into easy to understand, and relevant terms. Anyone who owns a business could benefit from reading your books, and using your forms.  Thank you so much for creating them!”

Victoria Richardson – AccountAbility, LLC

The Complete Suite program offers success tools for every area of your business, organized into “Suites”…

  1. The Setting Sight Suite

  2. The Building the Team Suite

  3. The Making Money Suite

  4. The Getting it Sold Suite

  5. The Getting it Done Suite

  6. The Making Sure Suite

In each of these Suites are super useful files that will help you flesh out and EXPAND on the work you are doing to build your winning business plan.  Save these files on your computer.  Use what you like. Customized these forms to work for YOU. Every form is a result of working with my clients in the “real” world to get focused, keep track, communicate and DO what is needed to make business WORK. Some I created for my own businesses. What I have learned is that it is so much easier to edit a form than to start one from scratch. Have fun making these tools your own.

The Complete Suite includes all the components of a business plan…

1. Setting Sight – How to Gain CLARITY on what you want!

The Setting Sight Suite – I’ll help you ask…and answer…the big questions help you craft a business that enhances your life. I’ve been to seminars that encourage you to write down your dreams and goals. I’ve wondered, “Where do you write this stuff?” and “How do you keep it up to date and organized?”  I’ve made it so easy for you!

2. Building the Team – How to become someone worth following, and get your Team moving in the direction of your MUTUAL Goals!

The Building the Team Suite – tools for assembling a winning team, and the powerful synchronicity your team can create…so that you can all move up the ladder. Included in this Suite… these files are all customizable! Just edit to make them perfect for YOU and your business!

  • Organizational Chart…the smallest company can use this powerful tool to GROW!
  • Sample Position Descriptions and HOW TO create them. It is soooo nice to know what’s expected. Help your team out!
  • BONUS – I’ve included a totally customizable General Employee Manual. You KNOW you need one. Here it is. Some of my clients have spend thousands of dollars creating just this form. It’s one of soooo many great tools, templates, forms and checklists in The Complete Suite!

Edition: Downloadable eBooks, Forms and Checklists

Price: $99


business basics toolbox
“As a sole proprietor, I was so overwhelmed deciding what ‘hat’ to where that I never had the time to build my business. I can relate when Ellen says ‘get off the hamster wheel’ because I was there and have run many circles on the wheel.  It is difficult to step back and take a look in the mirror when you aren’t where you want to be but The Complete Suite keeps you on track, and inspires you to think big!”  Ryan Riley – Riley Athletics, Inc.

3. Making Money – Its easy if you are willing to charge the right price. How do you know what that is? I’ll show you!

The Making Money SuiteOh, this is where The Complete Suite really rocks. These simple, powerful tools will help you become a successful Financial Steward. It is YOUR money on the line. Learn how to know where it goes…and how to make plenty of it!  Money buys OPTIONS. I wish we had learned this stuff in Sixth grade. I didn’t even learn it in business school.  I am delighted to help you make making money EASY.

  • The Baby Budget and the Basic Budget…cool tools for goal setting and crafting a PROFITABLE Selling Price!
  • Super Checklists...weekly, monthly, yearly…for staying in compliance and OUT of “the pokey!”
  • The Financial Quick Check