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“Business Planning doesn’t work.”

“Business plans stink.”  “Never get used.”  “Waste of time.”
I hear it all the time…and it’s true!

The UN-Business Plan approach is different!  It helps you build a solid business foundation, and offers practical tools to create more profits, more time, more energy…more freedom.  Nice!

Here’s what you’ll get with The UN-Business Plan…


“At Your Pace” Business-Building Sessions – Video classes, forms, and live interactive support – designed to build your business…your way!

  • I’ll share the most impactful strategies and tactics I’ve learned from working with business owners over the last 20+ years. Good news: The most successful people don’t work very hard.  At least, not as hard as you may be!  You can work less, achieve more…and make lots of money.

  • Each Session focuses on one area of your life and business. We start big picture, then move through to what needs to be done TODAY to make the most difference to your success. Most business plans leave off before you engage the day-to-day disciplines to “make it so.” The UN-Business Plan includes the simple regimen that reaps better results.
  • So often I get asked, “Ellen, what’s your best business advice?”  My answer has been, “It depends on why you are in business. What you want.  How much money you have and would like to have.  It all depends on YOU.”  This motivated me to put this program together.  This program is the best I’ve got to share!  And the focus of The UN-Business Plan is YOU.
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Real-Time, LIVE support as you build your UN-Business Plan.  You get me!  And other UN-Business Planners, as we start, fix and grow great businesses.

  • Homework check! Need some accountability? You got it! I’ll review your assignments, planning exercises and inspired videos! I’ll applaud wildly…and “plus” what you’ve done. BONUS! I’ve built in some fun and valuable rewards along the way.
  • Office Hours! We’ll connect via Gotomeeting. At Office Hours, we’ll chat it up – how to build your best business and move rocks out of the road.
  • Facebook group! Support is only a click away. I’ll watch for whining (you know, it’s not allowed!) and, together, we can transform challenges into opportunities.
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UN-cover How (and Why!) You Can Get Stuck.  And discover the basic, foundational pieces (and easy-to-do personal disciplines) that will get you UN-stuck!

  • Traditional Business Planning tools can be very useful. It’s YOUR approach to business and planning that may need a tweak. Have a Business Plan already? If you can find it, bring it to the program. We’ll dust it off and bring it to life!
  • You may benefit from hiring a consultant or joining a success group. However, even with high-dollar help, most owners don’t break through and make significant changes. This course includes the self-development habits that can lead to positive, powerful progress. It’s not a matter of doing more (and getting more overwhelmed!)
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This is NOT a Paint-By-Numbers Online Business Course.  This is a customizable program that allows you to make your dream a reality (not what someone else says you should do.)

  • Each Session contains a 20-60 minute instructions (and entertainling!) Video devoted to one essential area of your business. PLUS my favorite business resources hotlinks. And, we’ll add case studies (maybe YOUR success story?) as we go. This program is dynamic and customizable. You create YOUR plan…so that you can make YOUR business dream a reality.
  • In each Video, I share solid business tactics, and the philosophy behind each one. That way, you can customize the tools and exercises. You can use the parts of The UN-Business Plan that make sense for you. There is NO wrong way to engage this course, or build your business. There are adventures to be had, lessons to be learned, and – perhaps – your fortune to be made. This program is the best advice I’ve got to share! The whole focus of The UN-Business Plan is YOU.
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BONUSES!! In addition to the no-brainer price point, I’m offering two terrific bonuses!  And making ONE request…

  • “Where Did the Money Go?” e-book version. This is my most popular book! This easy-to-read primer helps you – finally?! – understand accounting principles, financial reports, basic bookkeeping…and how to keep score in the game of business.
  • ONE to ONE time for the first 10 Purchasers! I’ll spend an hour with you – via Gotomeeting – to customize this program for you and help with your most pressing business challenges!
  • And, a request! You’re a VIP to me! One of my BFFs. That’s why I am offering this program to you before I market it on a larger scale. I’m asking you to keep an eye out for typos or goofy things that we haven’t caught yet (like broken links!) And, if you love the program, I’d love to capture a testimonial for social media. Of course, like everything else I offer, you can get 100% of your money back if you don’t like the program. Easy peasy.

ACT NOW and UN-Complicate Your Business and UN-Leash Your Life

Each Session Includes VIDEO Instruction, Easy Homework Assignments, and Customizable Forms – designed to help you create your UN-Business Plan and best-ever business!  You’ll intensify your focus, and develop solid executive skills.  That means…more profit, more free time, and less frustration.


S1 Intro to The UN-Business Plan

Why UN-Business Planning?  In this session, we identify the ONE ingredient that most business plans don’t have.  (It’s why the plan gets put on the shelf and rarely/never used.)  How to avoid the traps that catch every business owner at one time or another.

Resource:  The Three Traps Exercise


S2 What Business Planning IS and ISN’T


Do you even need a business plan.  Not everyone does.  Do you have a business plan?  You could dust it off and leverage what you’ve already created (and manifested!)  New business or pressing the re-start button?  Choose the planning elements that work for you (and streamline your business growth!) The UN-Business Plan helps you take the fewest steps with the maximum results.

Resource:  The Law of Freedom


S3 Why Bother? Crafting Your Mission

Explore Your Perfect Life and bring your Mission into focus.  We’ll discuss the biggest question  and the resounding impact your answer can have on your business and your life.  I’ll share different ways to discover and communicate your purpose, and how you can use it to inspire yourself and others.  Goosebumps!

Resource:  Your Perfect life Exercise


S4 What Do You Really Want? Goal Setting

Most Goals…aren’t really Goals.  We’ll define Goal setting and coach you through writing your own.  In real time, together!  Learn the formula for moving your dreams into Goals into manifest-able chunks.  Experience the paradox (and power) of Goal setting and letting go of your attachment to the outcome.

Resource: How to Set Goals


S5 Wrangling Chaos – Organizing Basics

In this session, we move firmly in the direction of action.  It takes discipline to live the life you want to live.  I’ll introduce a few super-powerful and really simple tools for wrangling the chaos and streamlining your day.  If a “shiny-object” gal like me can get focused, so can you.  Get ready to be UN-derwhelmed by these easy strategies for taking charge of your life and business!

Resources:  Sample Organizational Tools, Calendar, Task List Options


S6 Who’s Who? Building Your Org Chart

You don’t have to (can’t!) do it all!  Step by step, we’ll build the Organizational Chart, the Position Descriptions and consider who could WIN in every Position.  It’s so cool when you can offer a career (not just a job) and commit to helping yourself and others develop skills and realize personal growth. No matter how big – or small – your ideal business vision is, engaging other people is key to making it so.

Resource: Organizational Chart Sample


S7 Making Moolah – Financial Basics Part 1

Let’s tackle the Money, Honey!  Your UN-Business Plan has a solid Financial Plan component, and this is it.  I’ll cover the bare bones basics of what it takes to be a great Financial Manager – always your job as the owner of your company.  Learn how to get to KFP – a Known and current Financial Position, and engage specific actions to improve cash and profitability.  Set Financial Goals (aka Budgeting!) so you can change the score and make mucho moolah!  I’ll also share solid systems for getting the accounting and reporting on auto-pilot at your company.

Resources: The Budgeting Program, The Financial Quick Check, Glossary of Weird Accounting Words and Terms, Article:  How to Assemble the Bean Team, BONUS!  “How Much Should I Charge?” eBook


S8 Feeding the Sharks – Crafting Your Pitches

There’s LOTS to know about Marketing and Sales.  I’ll define the basics.  Then, we will dig deep into your Pitch.  We will explore the Investor Pitch (or Shark Pitch!), the Elevator Pitch and the Hollywood Pitch.  The Pitch is the essential kernel of all your Marketing and Sales and a good starting point for your Marketing Plan.

Resource:  Guide for Creating your Pitches


S9 Act Rich – Time & Project Regimen – “The Weekly Meeting with Me”

In this session, we move firmly into the ACTION.  We explore the challenges of time.  (Good news!  You won the Time Lottery!)  I share weekly and daily “regimens” that help you discipline yourself to stay focused, and get fast results.  I share sure-fire ways to get UN-stuck when you feel glued-in-place.  I demonstrate the Weekly Meeting with You and, best of all, how to get things done through others.  Your team will solve all your problems, and free up your time, if you set them up right and let ‘em loose.

Resource:  “Meeting with Me” Agenda


S10 D-Day – Time to Decide

Ready to commit to your life, your dreams and your business?  On a rough day, you may be tempted to throw in the towel.  You’ll learn why shutting down your business may be a good move, and why you never want to quit on a bad day.  We’ll discuss D-Day and you’ll set your Decide Date.  And you’ll learn exactly what needs to happen between now and D-Day to give your Perfect Life and best business a chance to come true!

Resource:  D-day Agenda and Decision Form


S11 Visit with The UN-Crowd

Hurray!  It’s time to celebrate.  This session includes the Course Review and Wrap Up.  And, we will have a lively conversation with our highlighted UN-Business Plan victims (er, I mean participants!) – The UN-Crowd:  Arianna, Jeremy, Alex and Brittany.


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MYTH: The harder you work, the more likely you are to succeed.

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