Business Makeover Tips – The Ride Along

As a small business expert, I have learned a few things.  Here are my latest, greatest insights… There is information and implementation.  You probably have PLENTY of information already. You are short on time and energy.  Ergo, you get behind on implementation. Your front line team members can get things done for you.  They will [...]

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The Few Things That Make All the Difference.

At Bare Bones Biz, we focus on business basics, the few things that will make all the difference to your success and profitability. Here’s a list of simple business tips gleaned from the smartest business people I know. I spend much of each day on the phone, talking business. On the seminar trail and onsite [...]

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Have you told them lately?

I adore a man who can work with his hands. I admire a woman who knows how to handle a channelocks. I appreciate a well laid-out mechanical room. I’m a huge fan of trades people. Trades people are more in touch with the truth than other people. They are a no-nonsense group. They know that [...]

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Freedom…through the FIRE!

Greetings!I am working with a group of Chimney Sweeps, helping them build their Biz Plans, in a private Challenge program. I LOVE Sweeps! I am so appreciative of the valuable skills that they bring to our world. They help keep us safe when we play with, and heat with, fire. It's an honor to work [...]

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