Living a lie?

Greetings!Big lie we tell ourselves? We don't have enough time. We do. We have all there is. Now is the only time we have. With a nod to the past and a glance to the future, we can live now and release our attachment to the sand. Now is eternal.How liberating is that? Quit making [...]

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Get More Calls, Leads, Sales…

Greetings!Al Levi and I are offering a rockin' marketing program. We call it Get More Calls NOW. Yep...more calls, more leads...more SALES! This lean, easy-to-implement system always works. 100% of the time.We love helping you succeed. And we figured we could take out all the objections to you giving this program a swing. So...Check it [...]

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To all that’s to come…YES!

Greetings! I filled out a survey yesterday and one of the questions was, "What is your greatest disappointment?" I just couldn't think of anything. How nice! Today, adopt a sense of humor and of the absurd and consider this question..."What if everything in your life has set you up perfectly for this moment?" Accept the [...]

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