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So Many Small Business Owners Struggle with the Financials. Do YOU?

90% of all businesses fail, or stagger along racking up debt. Or, they get ripped off. The Association for Certified Fraud Examiners says 31.8% of all small business owners (under 100 employees) are embezzled. The primary issue? They aren’t paying attention.

How about you? The Financial Quick Check is an awesome tool for keeping score, and making better decisions. It may be all you to tighten up your financial systems.

However, you might need a little more help.

Perhaps your financials are messy. Or, you don’t “get” what you are looking at. You may not understand them well enough to use the FQC. That’s where The Financial Took Kit comes in.

I would have given my right arm for the information I’m sharing in my Financial Tool Kit.

I put it together just so others (maybe you?) could avoid the pain I experienced as The Plumber’s Wife…drowning under my responsibilities as financial manager, for which I was woefully unprepared.

The Financial Tool Kit includes…

  • Making Moolah Videos – cover the bare bones basics of what it takes to be a great financial manager (always your job as the owner!) Discover…
  • How to get to KFP – a Known Financial Position. Get your financials current and engage specific actions to improve cash and profitability.
  • Solid, simple systems for getting the accounting and reporting on auto-pilot. Once you do, financial management takes just minutes per week!
  • How to assemble your “Bean Team” You’ll need some help, so I’ve included tips for finding great accounting/bookkeeping professionals.
  • “Glossary of Weird Accounting Terms” De-mystify financial lingo so you can be less intimidated – empowered! – when you talk to your accountant and bookkeeper.
  • The Mini Budget is what I use in the videos to demonstrate how easy it is to budget for profits. The customizable spreadsheet is included in The Financial Tool Kit.

This special offer is available on this page only. Click below to upgrade to The Financial Toolkit for $7.95! Yep…only $7.95

What’s the value of understanding and using financial info to make more money? To sleep better at night?

Well, I’m offering it to you for just $7.95!

Edition: Video Access and File Downloads

Price: $7.95