BBBPThe Bare Bones Biz Plan Meetings

The Bare Bones Biz Plan is a great strategy for crafting your unique business vision…and making it come to reality. Would it help to know that Ellen will check up on you and hold you accountable for making progress? We are here to serve…a little or a lot…as you desire or require. Ellen can meet with you for one hour every other week to check your homework on The Bare Bones Biz Plan and keep your moving forward towards your IDEAL business. Ellen will…

  • Review your homework on The Bare Bones Biz Plan. Together, we’ll build your Biz Plan Binder, YOUR plan for making your best business come to reality.
  • Help you develop the habit of “Meet with Yourself” weekly meeting and coach you to successful time management habits.
  • Serve as a member of your Board of Advisors and share her wealth of experience specific to your company and your vision.
  • Make sure you stay UNSTUCK…there is always a way to move forward. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. It helps to have a consistent, fresh perspective on a weekly basis, in a formal meeting.
  • Help you get more done in less time…in the direction of your dreams.

Set yourself and your team up to WIN and let us hold you accountable!

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Coconato“What a thrill it is for me to meet this Dynamo in person as I embark upon my adventure of creating Perpetually Organized. The gentleman who took our picture was awed by our excitement. He would only take our picture after we told him what line of sales we were in! As an organizer, I certainly appreciate that Ellen is willing to share her wisdom, expertise and high energy through her very organized business tools. Because I have her easy-to follow, step-by-step methods to enable my successful biz development, my self- and biz-confidence is concrete. The Bare Bones Biz Plan paves the way to empowered business; this allows me to focus on helping others develop the systems they need for their success. Many thanks, Ellen! You are incredible!”

Cynthia Coconato
Perpetually Organized

Call Cynthia Coconato at (417) 880-8911 and ask her about the positive impact of Ellen’s Bare Bones Biz Plan.