Financial Basics 102

Building Your Financial Power!

  • Financial Basics 102How to Keep Score to Make More Money!  We’ll start with an overview of the financial reports.  Scorekeeping can be fun and simple…from Main Street to Wall Street.
  • How to manage your company for profit…while the month is ON.  We’ll play with Budgeting and comparing Actual performance to Budgeted Goals.  This is how you get GOOD at making money every month.
  • Pricing Power…why, how, when and how much?  We’ll explore the impact of a significant pricing increase.  We’ll help your team settle their fears, too, and get excited about what’s in it for them.

Course material:

Ellen Rohr can customize this seminar agenda and tie it into the theme of your event.  She will demonstrate The Financial Quick Check and the Month End Checklist.  Ellen will provide the masters for the handout(s) for you to print for your members/clients.  You can also post the electronic version on your website.

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