For a BIG IMPACT in a shorter time…Ask about Ellen’s KEYNOTE Presentations!

These presentations are perfect for opening or closing out your event or meeting. These topics typically run 1- 1.5 hours in length but can be customized to suit your group’s needs. Please contact us to discuss your group’s individual needs and to confirm the availability on our calendar.

  • No-Arguments Management – Running your company your way.

  • Where Did All the $10 Million Companies Go? – How to get BIG.

  • Are You Willing to Make More Money? – A loving, but confrontational, call to right action.

  • Apples to Oranges – A Revolutionary Approach to Pricing.

  • The Right People Doing the Right Things – Every day anti-slavery strategies for recruiting, hiring and caring for employees.

  • Why I LOVE Tradespeople – A deeply appreciative recognition of who tradespeople are and what they really do for us.

  • The Best Boss in the World – A funny and moving story about the powerful impact you can make as a leader.

  • Have I Told You I LOVE You? – An Innovative Approach to Customer Care – We’ll discover what makes you different and better.  HINT:  It has everything to do with love (and nothing to do with your prices.)

  • How to Grow Your Business The 4 MYTHS that keep you from building a WILDLY successful business

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