No Arguments Management

How to get your TEAM playing YOUR Winning Game!

  • No Arguments ManagementWhat’s your POINT…why would your team take a bullet for you anyway?
  • Defining the GAME…how to get them to play a BIG game, your game…instead of a little bitty game.
  • Start with the SHOES…help your team – and yourself – WIN the game by building on the basics.
  • What about Attitude?  Skip the psycho-therapy and focus on action.
  • The B Word…using your Budget to impose SANE, realistic, business-building GOALS.
  • Keeping Score…Why, who and how…basic game rules and scorecards.
  • Win-Win-Win Compensation… Bonus programs that reward “Right Stuff” performance, drive PROFITS and serve your customers!
  • Who can PLAY?  Strategies for creating a game for EVERYONE on your team!
  • Let’s hear it…lively discussion for solving real-world employee challenges.
  • Play the game…YOUR way – with NO ARGUMENTS! 

Course material:

Ellen Rohr can customize this seminar agenda and tie it into the theme of your event.  She will demonstrate the The Bare Bones Biz Organizational Chart & Corrective Action Procedure.  Ellen will provide the masters for the handout(s) for you to print for your members/clients.  You can also post the electronic version on your website.

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