Are you encouraging texting and driving?

Here’s a pic of me and Jerod, elbow deep in a furnace.  Jerod is everything you look for in a technician…nice, polite, skilled, ethical and ambitious.  He deeply cares about his customers and fellow team members.  Jerod just graduated from his company’s field supervisor training course and is determined to make a powerful, positive impact.  [...]

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It’s About Time.

The older I get, the more comfortable I am with seemingly opposite concepts which both prove to be true. Time is an illusion. But I apparently haven’t figured out how to make the illusion disappear. Every day, time kicks me in the butt. I have found that the more productive I am, the less time [...]

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How Many and at What Cost?

I believe that meditation is good for me. I tend to think a lot and talk a lot. Meditation is simply shutting down the thinking and talking and just...being. When I meditate, for five minutes or twenty minutes, I feel so much better. I am calmer, more relaxed. Happier. So, why don't I do it [...]

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