Social Security Doesn’t Stink!

OK, I felt pretty OLD shuffling into a free seminar on Social Security benefits.  Hot Rod twisted my arm to attend.  "We should know what we are entitled to," he nudged. "If we get anything, it will be the cherry on top," I insisted.  Long ago I gave up on any hope that Social Security [...]

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7 Tips to Dig Out of Debt

Debt as a national challenge is connected to rampant, unchecked individual debt. I’m not lecturing, I’m just saying. Many households overspend. Many companies run at a loss, year after year. Debt is how you keep the balls in the air. But you can hold them up there only so long. The good news is that [...]

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Down with DEBT

I love helping people! One of the biggest challenges I encounter is the suffocating burden of debt. Money buys options. Debt eliminates options. Do you struggle under the mounting pressure of debt…personally and/or in your business? You are not alone. The statistics on debt are troubling: The average American household has 13 payment cards (credit [...]

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MYTH: The harder you work, the more likely you are to succeed.

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