Should He Stay or Go?

Even as you read the title of this blog, did someone come to mind?  Is it time to decide about the person “on the bubble?” Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, was asked at the end of his remarkable career, “What would you have done differently.”  He responded, “I should have moved faster.  There [...]

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Empty Thy Purse Into Thy Head

You know I’m a big reader.  I love books of all shapes, lengths and genres.  However, I am too old to tolerate a bad book.  I’ve no time for it.  So, let me save you some time.  Here are a few sure-fire business book recommendations guaranteed to make you wiser, richer and better looking.   Well, [...]

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One and done…how much TRY will you buy?

I LOVE the NCAA tournament. It's one and done. You win or go home. At General Electric, Inc. Jack Welch told his team that they would be #1 or #2 in every market they entered...or they would go home. And he gave them a limited time to do it. One or two quarters sometimes. He [...]

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