Ready to Go Paperless?

You get a tablet!  You get a tablet!  At Zoom, now every team member has a tablet.  On it:  The Operations Manual.  The Price Book.  How To Videos.  Invoicing and Payment Collection.  The Top Projects Lists and updates.  The Scorecards.  Testimonials and Job Evidence Manuals.  Access to the internet, videos, Google apps, email, texting…whatever they [...]

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Functional Family Business? I Believe In Miracles!

Last night I watched “The 80’s: The Decade That Made Us,” The show opened with a recap of the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal Hockey team story. I remember watching the win over the Russian team, with my college roommate, in our dorm rooms. Lisa and I knocked over our lawn chairs chanting, with the rest [...]

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Make Debt Reduction a Team Sport

Business burdens don’t have to be tackled alone. Sometimes you need a helping hand. Overcoming challenges like debt can be a overwhelming task, but you might have more help that you realize. Use your ASSETS to help you take aligned action. Allow what you HAVE, not the worry of what you owe, to guide you [...]

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The Games People Play

I have a big, noisy, fun family.  Growing up, we lived around the corner from the McCartheys, a family with a set of kids that matched ours.  So, we hung out together.  Not all together.  The big kids hung together.  The middle kids hung together.  And the youngest kids, my group, wished we could hang [...]

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