Let’s get started NOW. Your first assignment is…

#1. Quit working so hard.

The most successful business owners I know, and have worked with, have time. They have time to think and plan and delegate…and golf and read and go to the movies. And even when they work, they don’t see it or feel it as work.

Sound good? It takes focus and discipline to make that happen. But it’s not hard. These quick reads can help you find ways to STOP doing things that don’t work, and focus on the few activities that reap the greatest result. I call them high effect-to-effort ratio actions.

  1. Blasting Roadblocks – identify and eliminate these success suckers
  2. How To Give an Elevator Speech – How to sell yourself in 8 seconds
  3. Day of Doubt – This one decision frees up so much time and energy

I am on your team! I’ll answer your questions, cheer you on and share some tough love (if you are about to go off a cliff.)