Less whining. More doing.

“Keep walking, Fievel.” ~ from An American Tale Enough with the Whining… It was the incessant discussion of per gallon fuel prices that pushed me over the edge. “I paid $2.89 this morning.” “You think that’s bad. I tried to fill up at $3.05 and the pump shut off at $100. Couldn’t even fill the [...]

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Matter of perspective…

Greetings! What if you got out of the office and went to the front lines. Got in the truck. Put on the coffee. Picked up the garbage. What would you learn about your company and yourself? It's a matter of perspective. I already love this new show on CBS Sundays... BTW...humble and AMAZING CEO [...]

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Appreciation vs. Gratitude….

Greetings! How ever you celebrate this time of year...I applaud you! Gratitude is being thankful. A nice state of being. Appreciation is when you are in the moment and full of joy. Feeling wonderful, waves of goosebumps, having fun, moved to JOY. That's worth pursuing. Or allowing to come your way. Simple moments inspire [...]

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Cora, Sun Records and the Power of Passion

Greetings! I have always wanted to be able to say, "I've been to Graceland." Cathy, Courtney, Maureen (my bffs) and I can now say that. We listened to an audio tour of the home as we wandered through room after room of shag carpet and 70's kistch. It was interesting, yet somewhat sad and exhausting. [...]

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