The Best Way To Grow Your Company? Acquisition!

Once upon a time, I thought acquisition was a strategy reserved for big companies.  I thought you needed teams of lawyers to work through phone book size agreements and complicated EBITDA formulas.  I imagined strong armed tactics and hostile takeovers. Boy, was I wrong.   Acquisition is the best way to grow your company.   You can’t [...]

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7 Tips to Dig Out of Debt

Debt as a national challenge is connected to rampant, unchecked individual debt. I’m not lecturing, I’m just saying. Many households overspend. Many companies run at a loss, year after year. Debt is how you keep the balls in the air. But you can hold them up there only so long. The good news is that [...]

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The Twinkie Takedown

Denny’s, Papa John’s, Hostess Twinkie…These companies highlight concerns about government regulation, intervention, and growing fears about the impact of healthcare costs. As Hostess employees look for new jobs, let’s start a conversation about what this mean to YOU? Let’s start with healthcare… […]

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Do Business Owners Know What Their Customers Want?

Research Shows 90% Do Not… What customers value most changes constantly, and the pace of change has increased exponentially with the economic recession. The businesses who become relevant by addressing what customers really value at any given time will be the first ones out of the recession.  That’s is what is discussed in my latest [...]

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Less whining. More doing.

“Keep walking, Fievel.” ~ from An American Tale Enough with the Whining… It was the incessant discussion of per gallon fuel prices that pushed me over the edge. “I paid $2.89 this morning.” “You think that’s bad. I tried to fill up at $3.05 and the pump shut off at $100. Couldn’t even fill the [...]

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Bailout or Blowout? Your BEST solution…

Greetings! the economy as bad as we are being led to believe? Will the markets grind to a halt should a deal NOT be struck by Monday? Do we really want a room full of latte-fueled politicians arranging a shot-gun wedding for taxpayers and diseased financial institutions? Could we skip the hyperbole and deal [...]

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