Wow…is the economy as bad as we are being led to believe? Will the markets grind to a halt should a deal NOT be struck by Monday? Do we really want a room full of latte-fueled politicians arranging a shot-gun wedding for taxpayers and diseased financial institutions? Could we skip the hyperbole and deal with problems? Let’s just keep our heads.
Have you read Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith? Take a look…and see if it resonates with you. The economy works when we act in our own best interests. As long as we are not completely whack. (Therein lies the rub.)
What you can do for the economy is this: Sell stuff for more than it costs by adding value to people’s lives. Thrive. Survive. Encourage sanity.
And no panicking.
As long as there are two people left on this planet, they will figure out how to trade with one another.
Unfortunately, politicians are the least likely folks to figure out an economic crisis. It would be a good idea to invite a few businesspeople to the meetings. It would help to breathe and consider consequences and take a few days (weeks?) to craft a least-of-bad-options solution. I suspect a deal will be hastily pulled together and we’ll live with the fall out for a long, long time.
Here’s what you can do: Build your business. Encourage the economy one transaction at a time.
We’ll be starting The Challenge on October 13th. Don’t fall into fear and desperation. Choose to thrive. Dare to live an extraordinary life. I challenge you.
xo$, Ellen