I am INSPIRED. I just returned from the Make Mine a Million $ Business event in New Mexico. Our intention… 1 Million Women with $1 Million in Sales in their businesses.

That’s…$1,000,000,000,000. That’s 12 zeroes. THAT is an economic stimulus package.

I have always maintained that the LEAST secure position is a job. Now, with the news on Wall Street, it makes even more sense to grow your own fortune.

This is a shout out to all the women. (Now, now…you know I am a big fan of MEN. It’s just that women are behind when it comes to equal pay and opportunity and we are going to help get caught up.) Join the Make Mine a $Million movement.
Got an IDEA for a business? Have a business already? You qualify. Check it out at
In New Mexico, I listened to Ms. Mogul and Celebrity Apprentice Nely Galan speak. She is one of my HEROES! She spoke of lots of failure and wild success. Very inspiring! And I met a new hero… Amilya. Wow!…she’s racked up over $100 million in Sales with her companies. I also met social networking wonderman Jeff Newelt. Yes, there IS a connection between the internet, Jazz and graphic novels. I am SO glad I have Jeff in my network! And, Nell Merlino is the founder of Make Mine a $Million. She spoke of her vision of filling the mall in DC with 1 Million $Million Women biz owners. She believes in YOU. I believe in HER!
Wouldn’t we be darling with a Trillion $ in Sales? Come on sisters…Join up! Let’s expand…love, peace, $$ and FREEDOM!

xo$, Ellen