Sob!  My favorite thing to do is Ride Along with team members.  I love to put on the Super Hero costume and hop in the truck.  I am not very technically skilled – massive understatement! – however, I try to help by carrying things and being entertaining on the job.  Recently, I was all dressed up and ran out of time to go on a Ride Along.  Deep apologies to Matt and to Chris – see video – and I promise, next time, I am jumping in the hole!

I am working with Zoom Drain and Sewer – along with my partner, Al Levi – to help expand this awesome company.  Owners Jim and Jason Criniti have what it takes to get me involved:  They are committed to helping team members create careers, not just jobs, as we grow the Zoom empire.  And with rockin’ team members…like Chris and Matt…the sky is the limit!

That’s what’s missing in most companies!  There is no place to grow or go.  As a result, so many great team members leave, often to start businesses of their own.  Sadly, those businesses usually suck…the money, the time, the life right out of the good people who start them.

So, at Zoom, we are focused on growing by creating a rockin’ ladder of opportunity.  One of the ways we communicate this is by posting a formal Organizational Chart.  The Org Chart does some great things for us.  It shows the reporting relationships, who reports to whom.  This is helpful, especially as a new hire, for understanding who is going to help the new kid develop and be successful on the team.  It also show the Career Ladder.  Where can one go from here?  What needs to be done to advance in skill level, and in pay?  Cool!  The Org Chart also illustrates the whole team roster, so everyone can see the interconnected relationships and responsibilities of the team.

I’m super pleased to be working with the Crinitis and Chris and Matt and the rest of the Zoom team.  Here we go go grow!