If you were to throw your mother a birthday party, you would put a little plan together.  Set a date, book a venue, create a guest list, etc.  Yet, so often, we show up for work, in a business of our own, and wing it.  Without some kind of plan, the party, and the business, just aren’t going to be very meaningful, even if we manage to pull something off.

Join me at AHR, where I’ll be doing a fun, interactive workshop on business planning.  Together, in real time, we will put our business plans together!  My intention is to help make Business UN-Complicated.  For almost 30 years, I’ve been in business, studying business, and learning from some really bright minds.  What I’ve discovered is…business can be so much simpler, and more profitable, than we are making it!  And a simple, un-fussy plan makes all the difference.

Business UN-Complicated!  Create the business and life you want.
The seminar is  FREE, on Monday, January 30 from 1-3PM in seminar room N243 at Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2017 AHR Expo. Discover how to UN-complicate your business and UN-leash your life!  Follow along and we’ll assemble your custom plan – in real time! –  for…
  • Setting Sight. What do you want? Why? How will you know when you have “made it?”
  • Building the Team. Who does what?  Get this cleared up and save sooo much time and anguish.
  • Making Money. How much do you want? What will you need to charge?
  • Getting it Sold. How to create a sales-focused culture…without insulting your soul.
  • Getting it Done. Discover a sure-fire system for getting more done by letting your team in on the game.
  • Making Sure. Are you on the right track? How do you get back on track? It’s all about asking and answering the right questions.
I’ll share start-right-now ways to create your UN-Business Plan…and make more money, with less hassle, and greater freedom.  We’ll do some exercises together, and build on what you are already doing that works for you.  Easy peasy!  Thanks to PHC News for sponsoring!  

NOTE!  If you have a plan, bring it.  We’ll dust it off and find the inspiration, information and implementation you’ll need to make 2017 a rockin’ amazing year!

BONUS!!  I’ll also be sharing on a panel, hosted by my #1 (and only son) Max Rohr!  The topic How to SELL Profitable Hydronic Radiant Systems.  Some rea