Years ago, as The Plumber’s Wife, I jumped into the family business.  I figured that my husband, Hotrod, would turn wrenches, I would answer the phone and pay bills, and we would get rich.  Easy peasy, right?


We dug a deep hole of debt and struggled to make payroll.  Of course, we didn’t get paid, because, at the end of the month, there wasn’t any money left.  It seemed like a lot of money was going through the company.  Where did the money go?  How would you know?

Here’s the unsexy answer: Accounting.

Ugh. Boy, I never wanted to learn accounting and bookkeeping.  I thought I would never have to!  But when the pain of our losing business became big enough, I decided to reach out for help.  My mentor Frank Blau convinced me that, if I wanted to win at the game of business, I needed to keep score.  Financial reports are the scorecards of business.

Boring!  At least I thought so.  That’s why I fought it.  Couldn’t someone else do the bookkeeping?  Well, I couldn’t afford a bookkeeper.  So I learned it.

And that, my friend, changed everything.  From that point on, we started to make money.  I slept through the night without worry about unpaid bills.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that understanding the money saved my marriage.

That’s why I wrote Where Did the Money Go? – Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Wants To Get Profitable.  This is the first of my books, and perhaps the one of which I am most proud.  I would have given my right arm for this information – and encouragement – when I was figuring out my assets from my elbow.

Let’s make accounting UN-complicated!

For a short time, I’m offering the Where Did the Money Go? e-book for $4.95.  This terrific book…

  • Explains the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss…what they are, why you need them and how to use them to make better, faster more profitable decisions.
  • Follows along as Bob Bird starts his company, and transactions are demonstrated on the financial reports, one at a time. So good!
  • Includes a before and after accounting quiz.  Discover your level of understanding and assess your team and future team members as you move through the book.
  • Includes bonus articles on simple financial ratios, open book management and lots more.
  • Has a neat Glossary of Weird Accounting Terms to help make conversations with your CPA a little less awkward.

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Here’s to your prosperity and freedom!

xo$, Ellen