Vote question

I’m not going to share my political views on social media or in this blog.  I would have to write as well as Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson to make a compelling argument, and I just don’t have those writing skills.  🙂  It’s not that the presidential election is not important.  It’s just not my arena.  I’m more comfortable, and tolerable, writing about business.

Also because I believe that I am the most influential person when it comes to my success in life, in love, in relationships, in health, in spirituality, and in business.  Not the president.  

In every moment of our American history, there have been people who have made a fortune.  During a booming economy, or lousy economy, or in wartime, or peacetime, somebody has figured out how to create profits and cash.  No matter who has been president, there have been honorable, profitable businesspeople.

Why not me?  Why not you?

I encourage you to work on what you can do.  Vote for your favorite candidate, or the one who offends you the least.  Then, put your head down and go to work.  Work on your business.  Assemble a business plan (or UN-Business Plan!) and focus on your Top Projects.  Get your financial house in order.  Get current with your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.  Put a Budget in place.  Formalize the Team Positions with an Organizational Chart.

And, if you or I are so moved, we can also get involved in grass roots politics so the programs and people we support get energized and elected.

Because, we know that no matter who is elected, we are going to pay taxes.  Technically, the customer pays all expenses, including taxes.  So, we charge what we must.  Then, consider what we can do to add so much value and relevance to our offerings that customers will say, “Yes.  It’s worth it.”

No matter who is elected, you we are going to make the day to day decisions that will impact our success.  You and me, not the president, are the most influential people in our businesses.  Every day, we develop relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, and vendors and decide how to use the resources of time, energy and money.

No matter who is elected, that person isn’t going to reconcile the bank account.  Or make sure the payroll taxes are submitted on time.  It’s the business owner’s responsibility to manage the money…no one else’s.

Let’s not neglect to do what we can do.  And, let go of what is outside the “hula hoop.”  If you have been stalled out, waiting for the outcome of the election, I encourage you to jump back in.  There’s plenty to do inside your hula hoop.

Got a different take?  Let’s hear it!

xo$, Ellen

PS…No matter what, as the owner of the company, YOU are the Financial Manager.  That is inside your “hula hoop.”  My next webinar – Where Did the Money Go? – explores the easiest ways to get the money handled.  My guest star is Amber Gaige, president of the Saber Marketing Group.  She and I met when her family business joined the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise group.  She has been a friend and mentor every since.  We will tag team about Street Smart ways to keep score and make more money!   The Webinar is free…oh yeah!