For years, I fought it.  I didn’t want to confront my financial reports or learn basic accounting.

“Can’t someone else do this for me?”

“What are we paying our accountant for?”

“I’m not great at numbers or math!”

So, the financials were a mess and we had no idea what was happening in our struggling family plumbing business.  The debt piled up and Hotrod and I fought about it.  Ugh.

Then, I quit struggling.  It took me about a year, but bit by bit, I figured it out.   Knowing how to fix and read and use financial reports is a learned skill.  If you want to have a dog, you have to care for the dog.  If you want to grow a business, you have to handle the money.  With dog and business ownership, you can learn what you need to know.

IF…you quit making it so hard.  Are you defining yourself, as I did, with limiting (and whiney!) words like, “I’m too (busy, dumb, creative, overwhelmed) to do the bookkeeping!”

My client and good friend, Howard Partridge, went through a similar struggle. In Howard’s case, he was dealing with a bookkeeper who wasn’t doing her part and was holding him hostage.  Ultimately, he let her go…and committed to learning the financial basics he needed to know.  “Now, I spend minutes, not hours, a week reviewing financial data.  I’ve got a great team, solid systems and I am in the loop.  I’ll never be held hostage again.”  Struggle…ended.  So good!

That’s why Howard and I just had to offer the Phenomenal Financial Blast Webinar Series! Together, we are sharing the what, why and how to lay claim to your financial power and escalate your business success.

Want to check it out?  Here’s the whole recorded first Webinar, including our Q&A!  In it, I lay out the overall process of what it takes to get the money handled.

Phenomenal Profit Series Webinar Replay

Here’s what Brenda Sell had to say about the first Webinar…  

“Loved it!  I learned so much in so many ways. From the components of the presentation, inspiration, motivation, and content. I’m ready to go.  I hardly ever use this word, but I am one that HATES being bogged down with administrative pieces. It drains me – let me correct myself, I LOVE the administrative and it USED to drain me. Not anymore! I’ve gotten rid of my ‘stinkn thinkn’ and am looking forward to developing skills and strategies to make major progress. I’ve started reading Ellen’s book and checking off the items on the homework sheet that are already completed. Tina (my accountant), Sally and I are going to work together to put the numbers together. With God’s help and your expertise I have a winning team! Thank you!”  

Atta girl, Brenda!  New thoughts, better words, solid systems…and higher standards.  Way to leave the struggle behind!

This video may put you on the path to financial freedom.  If you would like more help, here is info about the rest of the program, too…

Click here for the Webinar replay and to learn more about the Phenomenal Financial Blast Webinar Series!

Questions?  Not sure if this program is a good fit for you?  Comment below or email me at

Surrender the struggle.  You can do this.  I