“She ROCKED my business.  She helped me take my company from deep in debt to humongous profits.  What could you learn from the lady who gets paid ridiculous money to turn companies around?  What could you learn from the lady who took a plumbing service company start up from Zero to $40 million in franchisee sales (and is now doing it again, with ZOOM DRAIN?)  The answer:  A LOT.”  

That’s what my friend, Howard Partridge, says about me. (Though I challenge the use of the word ‘ridiculous’.  Ha!) I love that Howard brags on me, and is appreciative of the work we have done together. Thanks, Howard!  

The key to my success is simple.  I’ve become skilled at getting things done. The best part? It’s all about letting your team in on the game.  I have found that your team members will fix all your problems, if you craft a sound process (and reasons!) for getting projects done. 

Join me and Howard as we kick offPhenomenal Projects – Leadership at All Levels of the Company. As I focus on ZOOM DRAIN, I am not doing any more individual on-site consulting work. The great news about this is I am offering this Webinar Series at a ‘ridiculously’ affordable price.  It’s a great way for me to be of service (and efficient!)…And, the first Webinar is free, so you can make sure it’s a good fit for you and your team.

Ellen Phenomenal

Join in on March 8th for the first Webinar – it’s free! I’ll share the best of what I’ve learned about getting organized and productive. On Webinar #1 I’ll share how to go from Inspiration to Implementation. We’ll explore what you are doing already that works, and how to leverage your efforts with “True North” organizational principles. I’ll share the “tools” I use, and we can commit to small habit changes that produce huge results in productivity.

Register here for the first webinar here…

These simple systems will help you – and your team – get focused, and develop leadership skills. And, hey, if a highly distractible, “shiny object” woman like me can get a TON done, so can you!