Have you ever walked into your office and been jumped by the bookkeeper?

“What’s this check for?  I can’t read your writing.  And Jimmy hasn’t filled out his time card all week.”  When you aren’t in financial manager mode, these questions can feel like an ambush.

Have you ever interrupted your bookkeeper with a frantic text while she’s watching This Is Us?  “What do we have in Accounts Receivable?  Has Mrs. Fernwicky paid yet?”  This is a reasonable question, just not at 8 pm during must-see TV.  After a long day, one of you might just snap.

These are examples of making an emergency out of non-emergency situations.  This all gets even more stressful if your bookkeeper is your spouse, or partner.

What to do?  Schedule a weekly Financial Meeting.  Here’s a freebie agenda for the meeting.

You can also schedule weekly Marketing Meeting and Sales Meeting.  Make sense, right?  So often, your day gets pulled away from you by dozens of “Gotta minutes?” and non-emergencies.  Schedule the meetings.  Put them on your calendar.  Invite the appropriate team members.   Then when someone interrupts you with a question or idea you can say, “Let’s talk about it at the meeting!”

I understand that meetings have a bad reputation.  UGH!  Another meeting?  Yes.  Another meeting.  Just make the meeting worthwhile.  Have an agenda.  Start and stop on time.  Identify problems and energize projects.  Leave a little room for those “Gotta minute” topics.  Meetings can save tons of time and frustration.  Tighten up your meetings and stop making emergencies out of non-emergencies.

Questions?  Successes?  Let’s hear it…  in the comments below!

xo$, Ellen