2007INGTaipeiMarathon_TaipeiKidsRunning-10When I present a seminar, I aim to bring lots of energy and information to the good folks who attend.  Sometimes, the energy can fade, so I will incorporate an exercise to re-charge the room.  Recently, I did an exercise that illustrated the absolute best business or coaching tip I have in my toolbox.  Thought I should share it!  Here goes…

“Stand up!  On both feet.  Hands by your side.  Nice and tall, line up your bones…stack them from your feet to the top of your head.  Now, notice your center of gravity.  It’s right below your belly button in the center of your body.  Try moving it around until you can balance your center of gravity right between your feet.

“Now, just stand there, and consider this:  The world is spinning over 1,000 miles per hour. And you are just standing there, with no real effort.  You are in balance, using gravity to keep you in place.  Easy!  And if you work with gravity, you can reduce the stress on your joints.  You work less hard and stay in balance.  Now take a few deep breaths, and get the oxygen going.  Oxygen replenishes cells, and supports every body function.”

This exercise FEELS great.  You can feel the energy increase in the room.  At least I can, and some in the room can.  Some people have no idea what I am doing, and that’s OK.  This exercise is a starting place.

Next, I will nudge, bump, one of the students.  If they are in balance, they can stay upright and recover quickly from the unexpected.  If they see me coming, they can move and stay in balance, and avoid the nudge.

Notice that when you are in balance, calm and steady, you are not easily thrown.  If you are feeling stressed and out of balance, you are more likely to snap or panic.  Not good for business, or for your health.  Simple exercises – like standing and breathing, yoga, walking – can help you restore balance and clarity.

So many of my business owner students are also sports coaches.  I love sports because they are a metaphor for business.  You win some, you lose some, and it is worth playing the game for what it makes of you.  In every sport, the key athletic ingredient is your ability to stay in balance.  To stay on top of your feet.  When you add the dynamics of movement, running around, you add to the challenge of staying in balance.

If you were to have your players find their point of balance when they are standing, they will recognize it when they are moving.  I learned this as a ski racing coach, once upon a time.  When you are skiing well, no matter the speed, you FEEL like your feet are right underneath you.  Like you are just standing on them, and you are lined up with gravity.  You move to balance and, occasionally, find that sweet spot.  The pros in any sport find it more often than others.  And it is also what keeps them healthy.  Falling down is generally bad, in sports and in business.

Breathing well helps, too, because oxygen fuels the body and calms the mind.  And any decision or reaction will be enhanced!  You perform better when you are in balance and you are exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.  In balance, with good breathing, you are less likely to fall down, and you can anticipate and react better.

Bottom line in Business…use your body to help you get and stay balanced and full of life.  You will make better, faster, easier and more profitable decisions.

Bottom line in Sports…teach your kids what balance FEELS like so they can find it and use it to be more and more successful.