“I can’t find great techs.”

That’s the #1 problem contractors share with me, over the phone and on the seminar trail. A few contractors have solved this problem. Jim and Jason Criniti have.

My best friend and mentor, Al Levi, introduced me to Jim Criniti a few years back. Al was working with Jim and his brother, Jason, to improve their operations. Jim was looking for some help streamlining his financials, so they called me in to help.

When I arrived in town, I called Jim to ask what time he wanted to pick me up the next day. “How about 2:30 in the afternoon?”

Hmm.  I responded, “Well, OK. But, I won’t get to see any of the techs.” “That’s fine. I don’t like to see them. It feels like they are working against me instead of for me. I hate my guys.” Wow. That’s rough. I sensed Jim was pretty burned out.

As we worked together, I learned that Jim was frustrated by his inability to create the clean, organized, systematice company he could see in his head.  And he blamed his team.

Can you relate?  You’re working 20 hours a day and you see three techs leaning on the bumper of a dirty truck taking a smoke break.  You scheduling a meeting and one tech shows up and the others “forgot.” You run an ad for experienced techs and no one applies.  Or, the one person who calls doesn’t show up for the interview.  Frustrating, right?

Then, for Jim, one thing changed everything.  At Al’s direction, Jim and Jason put a simple business plan in place.  They focused on a few projects at a time that would move them in the direction of a turnkey company.  They started to ride along and get input from team members.

And, Jim had an epiphany.

“It was never them.  It was always me.”

I was inspired to write this Special Report:  How to Find Great Techs based on the Criniti’s company transformation. Download it here…