Hire and Employee

Ready to go…UN-solo?  Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding a new team member.  Maybe your first?  It can be a bit UN-nerving!

Once upon a time, I hired phenomenal Shauna, and committed to TWO hours…a month! If you want to grow your company, or buy a bit of time off, bringing on a team member can be a great move. Maybe now is the time! If you are maxed out, and stressed out, consider that you could hand off some of the duties (distractions?) that really don’t require your attention.

This topic has been on my mind since I got a call from a contractor the other day. He’s wants to hire his first employee. Whoohoooo! He has been in business 38 years. Hmmm. That will be interesting…for him and the new guy. This fellow’s back is aching and knees are breaking. So, he is motivated to bring on an employee to help carry the load, and to teach what he has learned in his long career as an electrician. This could be an awesome adventure!  Or, an exercise in frustration.  It takes a bit of planning to add a new person, and double the size of the company!

Here are a few tips for hiring an employee, and for creating a winning experience for both of you!

  • Start pricing NOW for a future hire.  Update your budget and add the employee’s salary.  Add other related costs like uniforms and insurance, or maybe a truck.  Some employees are revenue generating, like a Service Tech or a Salesperson.  That can be a good approach to your first hire, so that you can recoup their costs with additional sales. Or, you might hire an Admin Person, who can f