Years ago, when I first started with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, John Nicholson asked if he could become a franchisee.

I said, “No!  You only do new construction work.  This is a conversion service franchise.  That means, you need to do service work with at least two truck to be eligible.”

Two months later he called me, “Ellen, I stopped new work ‘cold turkey,’ hired another plumber, and we are keeping two trucks busy with service work.  Can I join the franchise now?”

Wow.  That’s intention…and aligned action.  I said, “Yes!” and that was the start of a great friendship.

John built a terrific service business.  Then, life changed, and John decided he wanted to do something else.  He UN-did his business.  Take a look at our video conversation.  What strikes me about John, what I want to share with you, is how unattached to business he is.  He sees it as a “vehicle” to use to enhance his life.  He doesn’t get caught up in “identifying” himself with his business.  When the business no longer served him, he sold it and moved on.  Thanks, John, for the lovely life lesson!

“Let no one be ashamed to say yes today if yesterday he said no. Or to say no today if yesterday he said yes.  For that is life.  Never to have changed – what a pitiable thing of which to boast!”  ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


PS…What have you UN-done that made a huge, positive impact on your life?  Comment below!