A friend and client of mine reminded me about this video.  I recorded it a few (many?) years ago and my friend, Jack, told me he watches this video several times a week.  A WEEK?  Wow.  I’m honored to have made that kind of impression on him.  It’s called “How To Make Running Your Business More Fun Than A Colonoscopy.”  In it I share how to UN-complicate…and UN-constipate?…your business!  Take a view…

I love love love what I do.  I help people start, fix and grow their businesses.  That’s one way to describe it.  The bigger piece of it is this:  I help people expand freedom.  When you make your own money, when we exchange our gifts and services with each other – honorably and profitably – we are freer.  We multiply peace, prosperity and freedom across the planet.  That’s why I do what I do.

And the best part is…I don’t really do anything.  When I work with my clients, with you, I just hold your coat.  You can do whatever you want.  You can honor your desires.  You can pick a point on the horizon and just start moving in that direction.  You may make lots of money, if you pick a point that inspires you and you allow that to happen.  You can become a good steward of money along the way.  It’s like how to care for a dog.  It’s a learnable skill, and may be very worthwhile to you.

What if we were just lighter about it all?  It’s no fun to lose money and get buried in debt.  The good news is that if I can figure it out, so can you.  It’s easy peasy.  Charge more than it costs and manufactur