This morning, I caught up with a friend/client/mentor who is building an amazing business.  When I met him, he was not yet at $1 million in sales, and his organization was anything but organized.  Fast forward about 6 years, and John is tracking $14 million in sales in a brutal service market.  He is super profitable, and – get this! – completely debt free.  Now, that may not be important to you, however it is to John.  He is creating the business of his dreams.

Along the way, he is making others’ dreams come true, too.  Once upon a time, I helped him get his financial house in order.  He has taken my coaching and built on it.  He operates an “open book” company.  He meets with 11 managers and executives on a weekly basis, to review the financials and make decisions based on the data and company goals.  John told me he hasn’t missed this meeting in YEARS!  His team members are expanding in financial literacy, so they are making better financial decisions personally, too.  “In the last year, 6 members of my team have bought their first house.” How cool is that?  Makes John, and me, very proud.

I met John through Howard Partridge.  They are friends, and Howard has helped John grow his business, too.  I couldn’t wait to report in to Howard, and share how great John is doing.  You see, John is WHY we do what we do!

As Howard says, “Your business exists for one reason only – to help you achieve your life goals.”

My own business building adventure is ZOOM DRAIN.  I have partnered with my best friends and the smartest guys I know in our industry, and we are creating a unique approach to the sewer and drain business.  Simple, profitable and infinitely scalable.  We are creating careers, not just jobs.  We have solved the problems that terrorize so many contractors.  I’m really proud of our team and so excited about what we are creating.  We are making our life goals a reality.  If you are interested in ZOOM DRAIN, let me know!

ZOOM is not for everyone and may not be a good fit for you. ZOOM is taking the lion’s share of my time, so I have felt like I am not paying enough attention to you, and our Bare Bones Biz community.

By aligning with Howard, I have the opportunity to continue to serve you, really, to serve you better.  Howard has offered me a way to deliver my rock solid financial content – with lots of love and humor – at our 2 day event – How To Build A Rockin’ Business!  He and I tag team throughout the program and share the best of what we have learned to help you create a profitable, turnkey business.  So you can achieve your life goals!

Here’s the line up…


All the best,

Ellen xo$