Ellen_pics_Heart_2-sqThe shadows are long and the days short.  This is the time of year to reflect and be grateful.

I’m grateful…

That I have the most wonderful family.  That I am blessed with awesome friends and team members.  That I have been of service to a lot of people and am on track to connect to many more.  That I live a life full of joy and adventure.  And that in times of the most horrible tragedies the bigger stories are about love and support and hope.

I’m grateful that you are part of my life and my community.  Over the last 25+ years, I’ve become an expert at making money.  When you charge more than it costs, you manufacture your own money.  That’s liberating.  That’s freedom.  That is why I do what I do.  And working with you has made me that expert.

It’s a good time to look back, and to the future.  Here’s what’s coming up,  for me…and you.

I started ZOOM DRAIN, a franchise, with my best friends and smartest business associates.  As a results, I’m doing less consulting work.  (If you are already a client, there is always a place on my calendar for you.

If you need more one to one help, I have a Rolodex of Rock Stars Business Experts…

Consulting has helped me help a lot of people.  There’s nothing like working in hundreds of businesses, shoulder to shoulder, to learn what works and what is a waste of time and energy.  A problem with consulting is that it comes with a hefty price.  It’s a lot of time and air travel for me.  I can only fit in so many on-site consults in a year.  And it’s pricey for you.  Also, it’s so intensive, that your mental “sponge” can get loaded up, and you just can’t take in all the information at one time.

So, at EllenRohr.com, I am moving to digital delivery of all my great systems and programs.  This way, I can expand my reach and still be available to you.  I’m using video and customizable, downloadable forms.  I’ve boiled my best tools into do-it-yourself business help.

You’ll still get me! We can chat on gotomeeting in LIVE Open Office Hours.  I’m committed to offering the most powerful business systems and financial tools in bite-sized, easy-to-implement “virtual” servings.  The intention:  Make Business UN-Complicated…and live Life UN-Leashed.

And, I’ll be doing more speaking and presentations in 2016 than ever before!  I’ll keep you posted of my adventures and perhaps we could connect at a live event?  At an Inner Circle Event with Howard.  Or at Celebrity Launchpad with Clint Arthur.