Did you see this video yet?  Click below for a recap of Gary Vaynerchuk’s life, in a 2 minute clip.  The guy gets a LOT done in a day.  He doesn’t sleep a lot and he moves, and talks, at warp speed.  His day may not appeal to you, but here’s the kicker:  He is happy.

Joy is dripping off this guy, even when he mugs it up for the camera.  He is delighting in being Gary all day long.  That kind of happiness is unusual. 

How about you?

You don’t want to be like Gary.  Or anyone else.  So often we compare ourselves to someone else and come up short.  Ugh.  What if we just don’t do that?  What if you just embrace being you?

I am over trying to make anyone else happy.  That’s out of my control.  I’m using my energy to be happy…now.  Right now. Here’s the best part:  My immediate happiness allows me to think more creatively, act efficiently, adjust without fuss, and laugh at most outcomes.  What a bonus!

Instead of focusing on how happy you’ll be when you  ____________ (make a million, land the deal, lose 20 pounds, finish the project) what if you choose to be happy while ____________(making a million, landing the deal, eating wholesome food, working out, creating solutions, etc.)

Such a simple shift.  It comes from embracing what is happening right now instead of resisting it.  We can choose to delight in this current circumstance without getting our underwear in a knot.  It does takes a little discipline, particularly if being unhappy has become a habit.  I’m talking to you, if you just complained about a family member, travel snafu or weather related inconvenience.

Being happy is the least selfish thing you can do.  When you are all good, thank you very much, you can give freely and generously.  You’re not sucking time and energy out of anyone else.  You’re bringing positive energy and feelings to every interaction.  How nice is that?  You don’t have to be happy every moment.  But, you could be happy in this moment.  Certainly life is a delicious mix of all kinds of experiences and emotions.  However, we are not at the effect of our emotions.  We can do things to alter them, explore them, and transform them.You could choose happiness, instead of pain or anger or fear, at least some of the time.  Maybe a lot more often. to know, right?

Biz Tip:  Right now, choose a thought that makes you feel better.  Pick an activity that makes you smile.  Read the quote, pet the dog, hold a baby, eat a peach, sign up for the class, call a friend or your therapist, kiss somebody, take a deep breath, take in the view…and discover what happens next.

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“It is the chiefest point of happiness, that a man is willing to be what he is.”  ~ Desiderius Erasmus

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