This is my happy place! Ocean City, New Jersey. My family has been vacationing in South Jersey, well, since my mom was 4 years old…and Yai Yai is now 87.

Yai, and I, and about 40 siblings, cousins and assorted family members just spent two weeks at the shore. It was great to hang out, and get caught up. I have a wonderful, smart, fun and funny family!

Ocean City

One of the very cool things that happened is that I found myself talking business with several young family members.  I was honored that they sought my counsel.  It was delightful, hearing their dreams and goals!  Yes yes yes to starting a business of your own!

One of my nephews is a world-class restauranteur. I’m always excited when he asks me to weigh in on a business idea.  I should hire him as a consultant! My cousins are contractors, with umpteen generations of building experience.  When we get together there is always an energizing business dialogue.

I also got even more validation that this little book is having a big, positive impact.  (Thanks, Rachel for buying the Weekend Biz Plan!). For existing businesses, or start ups, a weekend retreat is a great idea.  You can establish your business intentions, and line up the projects that will move you in that direction.  You don’t need a whole weekend.  And could get started right now!

The Weekend Biz Plan

From Friday evening to Sunday evening, I have put together a mini-book that will guide you through the process of clarifying your vision for your ideal business with an exact agenda.

The Weekend Biz Plan

The Weekend Biz Plan Ebook

The Weekend Biz Plan

The Weekend Biz Plan Softcover Mini Book

This book is a solid addition to your business library.  It’s also nice to have on hand when a young person inevitably asks you for business advice.  Your friends, family and associates are watching you, and are inspired by your success.  This, as Oprah says, I know for sure.  🙂

It’s important to go on vacation!  Some time away provides room for reflection.  I like to go for a long run, and ask the big questions.  Am I on the right track?  What needs to change?  What am I doing that I love, that aligns with my “Why”?  I’m updating my business plan and rearranging my life, yet again.  Stay tuned!  More on that in posts to come.  Look for some new and renewed alliances.  My hope is that by building a stronger community of like-minded business builders I can be of better service to you!

xo$, Ellen

PS…My son took this picture, from under the famous Music Pier on 8th Street.  During our vacation, we had a big soiree for him and his fiancee Juliana to celebrate their upcoming marriage.  It was a costume party, of course!  I am so excited for them, and delighted that Jules and her wonderful parents, Diane and Mike, are now part of our clan.