YaiWhen I was a kid, I often rolled my eyes when my mom (we call her Yai Yai) trotted out some un-asked-for advice.  Now, I appreciate that she is quite a wise woman.  What happened between then and now?  I got older and I got humbled.  I’ve considered what’s important and what I could let go.  And you know, now Yai Yai’s simple words just seem spot-on.

  1. Laughter is high priority.  What a gift to grow up with a mom who loves to laugh!  As a result, we are fun and funny family and enjoy spending time together.  Laughter reigns supreme.
  2. You are deserving.  Yai believes that she, we, deserve the best of everything.  The nice table.  The front row.  We are loved and held in high esteem.  That’s a lovely soup to swim in.
  3. Lend a hand.  Yai has been a Girl Scout leader, a Pink Lady and ran a program providing kids school clothes, to name just a few of her many, many volunteer stints.  She has raised gazillions of dollars for great causes.  She’s provided meals and entertainment for countless neighbors, friends, and “orphans”.  She taught us to share.
  4. Children are awesome, but adults get a life, too.  Yai loves kids and they love her right back.  However, she also taught us that 7 pm is bedtime for the small ones, and the adults can stay up late and do big people things.   Liberating!
  5. Change for the better.  Last week, @HuffingtonPost launched a Facebook live video event, asking people to share a multi-generational conversation.  Check out the #TalkToMe video of me interviewing Yai Yai.  I was intrigued by the advice she would-if-she-could give to her younger self.

Maybe it’s because she’s been around the sun a few times.   Perhaps each trip strips off some of the stuff that just doesn’t matter.  Whatever it is, these days Yai Yai and I are aligned.

Want to post a #TalkToMe video of your own?  The event is happening through the month of April.  Here are the instructions.  And share your insights below.  What have you learned from your mamma?

xo Ellen
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