The Criniti brothers, Jim and Jason, own ZOOM DRAIN Philadelphia and are our partners in the ZOOM Franchise Company. They are motivated by helping team members create careers, not just jobs.  They are committed to personal development, as well as technical, operational and sales/communication training.  In short, they love their team and want to do everything they can to help them succeed.

Enter Nick Santonastasso. Jim’s wife Lisa met Nick at a Keller Williams event.  (Shout out to Keller Williams! WI4C2TS values…rock!  ) Lisa was super impressed by Nick and his message, so the Crinitis booked him for their latest team event.

Watching Nick “take the stage” was a lesson in strength and body awareness. He knows his center of gravity and has explored the limits of what his body can do.  BTW, he is a world class body builder.

Nick inspired us with his story…and a powerful opening exercise. He asked us to recall a moment that made us happy, and then another, and settle into the feeling.  There were more than a few hard-boiled plumbers and drain pros in the room, and I was suprised (delighted) to see some tears.